"Ryan Spielvogel is well on his way to making a significant mark on the field of science fiction!"


Ryan Spielvogel is a lifelong sci-fi nerd. Studying physics and chemistry in college only worsened his obsession and weakened his tether to reality. He wrote his first sci-fi novel, Gateway to Oblivion, while a third-year resident training in family medicine and obstetrics. He has since written a sequel, A Galaxy Shattered.



As head engineer for the Space-Time Gateway, Lance Baker has a job to do.  But when Earth starts running out of resources, Baker gets pressure from the Galactic Import Agency to push the boundaries of colonization. Read More →

A galaxy shattered

Exiled scientist Lance Baker returns to Earth in an attempt to right old wrongs. But Lance quickly finds himself in over his head— captured by Earth’s cruel leader who is determined to punish the Outworlds. Read More →