Gateway to Oblivion

Volume 1 of The Gateway Series

Gateway to Oblivion | Novel by Ryan Spielvogel

Lance Baker has a job to do, and he won't let anything stand in his way. As head engineer for the Space-Time Gateway, he's in charge of the device that has revolutionized interstellar travel for Earth and made settlement of the galaxy possible. But when Earth starts running out of worlds and resources, Baker gets pressure from the Galactic Import Agency to push the boundaries of colonization.

As he delves further into the Gateway's secret technology, he and his friends unwittingly uncover hints of a deeper conspiracy that could threaten Earth's hold over the rest of the galaxy. Now they have a decision to make: if their theories are right and they expose Earth, they could upset the delicate balance of power in the galaxy and invite a war. But if they're wrong, they could destroy all of space–time in the process. Will they save the universe or doom it?

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Praise for Gateway to Oblivion

High quality science fiction, definitely recommend! Great at exploring the central idea of interstellar travel and explaining the associated implications to the experience of time. Introduces relatable characters, while throwing in a good bit of action and excitement.  Sets up a compelling universe that I can't wait to see more of. Fans of Asimov will enjoy!

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"This is an absolutely fabulous book and a great read. The characters are realistic, entertaining, and the plot's twists and turns make "Gateway to Oblivion" difficult to put down. Spielvogel evokes Orwellian themes and philosophical questions about how we use technology, human nature, oppression, and colonialism. Leaves you yearning for more of Lance's adventures. Wonderful!"

~ Amazon Review